Almost immediately after posting Please Make It Stop Part l I started building my list for part two. You know how that is. You spend a little time on a subject, think you have it all wrapped up and then find yourself in line at the bank feeling the guy behind yous breath on your neck because he has no concept of personal space. Eww

Make it stop, PLEASE:

1. Disclaimers at the end of commercials where the guy talks really, really fast so he can get all the fine print in ... Along with side effect disclaimers at the end of frikin 3 minute long prescription drug TV commercials. Geeeezzzzusss

2. Screaming crowds of overly excited street spectators on early morning news shows like TODAY.. then they add background music to that, then Matt Lauer talks over all of it. This makes me very grumpy.

3. Opening video clips on blog posts. I'm sorry, but my computer goes down every single time, and not in a good way. I know I'm not alone on this, right people?

4. Background music on blogs. Once again I'm sorry, as much as I love to read other peoples blogs, I find the background music distracting, it's rarely music I would deliberately listen to, and it take longer for the page to open. I love you, but Stop It!

5. TV or movie scenes depicting women giving birth. I know this makes me sound like a big shrew since giving birth is such an awesome thing. But I don't want to see your knees spread in the air under a sheet, and I definitely don't want to hear you scream for 15 minutes. It's not entertaining or funny. Let's just fade to black and move on to the next scene where the baby's cooing in your arms.

6. Main stream media bias. At the very minimum, news anchors should refrain from actually smirking with their delivery of certain news pieces, and this goes for written media too. Not everybody is susceptible to drinking the cool aid, so back off!

7. Harvey Levin straw sucking on TMZ ... why does he always have to suck on something? Isn't he like in his late 40s? It's so not attractive.

8. Girl on girl cat fighting, i.e., Real Housewives, Bad Girls, Any Kardashian and I'm sure the list goes on... make it stop right away. It only perpetuates bad taste and I'm sure a lot of parents let their youngsters watch this garbage.

9. Hair extensions have become boarder line creepy. They are not authentic looking, I can spot them a mile away and EVERYONE wears them. I will admit to going with a similar trend when I was younger, but now I'm old and less tolerant so I'm putting it out there.

Don't worry, this will be my final PLEASE MAKE IT STOP... To balance things out I'll be adding a post entitled PLEASE GIVE ME MORE very soon.


  1. Anonymous4/20/2011

    hahahahah, love these...well not number 8...as you know I live for those housewives, I know, don't hate me, but I just cant help it...they are a hoot :)

  2. LOL. I get the spinning ball of death when blogs are loaded with videos and music. It doesn't crash, but it is annoying.

    I'm with you. I think I might stick some twizzlers in my hair for long tresses.

  3. I'm all for a "give me more," but don't give up on the "make it stop" list! There's so much fodder out there, and I always love to see what irks you and to read your spin on it ... :) I want to have food fascists -- who take all the joy (and flavor) out of dinner -- stop their nonsense. I'd like the blogs that do giveaways of KY jelly and hemorrhoid cream -- and then act as though it's a fabulous prize! -- stop ... really, ick. I'm sure I can come up with more ... as soon as I post this comment, of course!

  4. Mary, where are these food fascists, let me at um. Just for a minute or two. KY Jelly/Hemorrhoid cream giveaways? Really? ---

    Thingy, Huny.....They may as well be wearing Twizzlers, they would look as real.

    David, how could I hate you after finding out that thing about you? If you want to watch housewives spit on each other, it's alright with me. I'm odd man out on that topic for sure.

    Thanks friends. You all crack me up!

  5. I agree with you on almost every thing here. I hate watching women give birth..what's the point just show the baby cute and cuddly. And, I don't watch the morning shows because i hate all that crap. I do have music on my blog..because i like it and it's my blog. But I don't always like the music on other people's blogs I am looking forward to give me more

  6. Oh also, I have to say that I used to have no word verification but ended up getting lots of spam so I had to turn it back on. I'm not getting spam any more so maybe i'll turn it back off and see what happens

  7. Anonymous4/20/2011

    I agree with all of these! Last night I watched a show called Mob Wives. Seriously? WTF! These women think they're entitled and important because a husband, ex or father is a criminal! Maybe the mob has or had some magical mystique to it but technically they are low life drug dealers and murderers and their family members should NOT be on television! And I will never ever watch it again. Ridiculous and annoying. And if I may, I would like to add that I have never ever ever gotten into a screaming fight with any of my friends and if I dont like you I dont hang out with you! They all act like they're sixteen years old!

  8. Oh wow, #4 drives me insane. #3 is up there if it automatically plays. I like to have that choice. There's no quicker way to chase me away from your blog or website than something auto-playing.

    Especially in the morning. If I'm only two sips into my coffee and I unexpectedly get blasted by Lady Gaga or some other abominable noise, I get kinda stabby.

  9. What a list! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I have to agree with you.... Some things are just plain annoying..... Thanks for stopping by blog.. Always a pleasure to meet new friends.

  11. i hate music on blogs! most of us have different taste in music, and MANY OF US are trying to blog on the sly at work so blog music is NOT APPRECIATED! blergh!

    and i cannot stand how commercials are WAY LOUDER on so many channels (i am talking about YOU COMEDY CENTRAL) than the show you are watching. annoying!

  12. I almost never watch a video clip on someone else's blog. And yet, this does not seem to stop me from occasionally putting one in of my own.

    Now the music when you open a blog, or any site for that matter, annoys the ever-loving shit out of me.

    I don't care how much you're into Florence and the Machine or The Snot Rackets or whichever underground band is super cool to pretend to like.


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