Have you ever seen "mature" women who do pornography? Wait, don't leave. I'm not going to provide more visual aids here, it was an innocent question. I was wondering because this morning I had another one of those Google experiences where I typed two words into the little search box, "mature women" and was shocked to see the very first listing read 'Thumbnail Preview Mature Porn Galleries'. I was afraid to click on any of them for several reasons, 1. those images could float around in my head indefinitely, who needs that? 2. I find the idea of men/people who like to "get-it-on" with Granny, repelling. 3. A dreaded fear of contracting a computer virus', malware, worms, etc.

All the intriguing page titles got me to thinking about the business end of web-based pornography or "adult content" and what an enormous racket it is for so many. At the very least I should feel glad knowing that some women over "a certain age" are reaping their share of cyber porn's financial bounty, why not? Admittedly, the sex-with-Granny piece of the porn-pie has to be teensy-weensy-itsy-bitsy. But since chronologically speaking, I actually qualify for such a gig, I had to consider it. Scary, huh?

TechCrunch told me there's a porn-specific browser called HeatSeek with connections to user-generated porn, and a YouTube clone called PornoTube among many others. No big surprise, check these stats from 06. They didn't have any specific to Granny sex.

~ 89% of porn is created in the U.S.
~ $2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006
~ $89 per second is spent on porn
~ 72% of porn viewers are men - duh!
~ 260 new porn sites go online daily

Serious numbers, and I thought Mommy blogs where the hot web property to have, apparently I'm out of touch (quite literally). So if you haven't learned from experience the way I have, take my advise and be careful where you click, on the Internet, almost anything can be construed as sexy!


  1. Girl you are too funny! OMGawd I know someone to whom I am not friends (cleaned friend closet out a few years ago) that would so fit this profile pic!

    I was looking for pics of fourteen yr old girls for a poetry video I made and the same thing happened to me, I had to carefully place my words in the search space!

    Suddenly something tried to download!

    I have lost two computers to that when my son lived at home...


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