You can put a fork in me because I'm DONE! Don't bother firing me because I QUIT! I'm finished. Over it, officially tuned OUT forever and ever AMEN to "The Celebrity Apprentice"!

By the end of Last night's second hour, anyone who gave a spit would have found me red faced and for all practical purposes, stomping my feet, yelling profanities at the TV set. There's something inherently wrong with that!

In my own defense, I tuned into "The Apprentice" to see a somewhat entertaining, intelligent match of wit, business acumen and life experience. Not at bitter bitch-fest where women pitted against each other act like hateful, ugly, vindictive, backbiters. Or in today's vernacular, "Real HOUSEWIVES".

I am acutely aware of being odd man out on this. Even Doctor Phil now has his own band of housewives bitches, so I shouldn't be surprised.

It's just that these people bring out the very worst in each other AND IN ME, so I'm choosing to step out of the "Celebrity Apprentice" loop in search of kinder, gentler television like "Secret Millionaire"... where audience manipulation is on the side of good and not evil. I can get evil anywhere.


  1. Anonymous3/14/2011

    I get it. I barely watch anything now because people on tv are such aholes. Cant stand it!

  2. AMEN to that! I watched last night, and couldn't believe the behavior of these women. I felt sorry for Lisa, being treated as she was by this lot of mean spirited back biting bitches. Shows that cause me to fester and hate are going off my radar. I'm with you 100% !

  3. While I won't stop watching I do agree that last night's episode was defeating! Not only in the respect to Lisa Rinna but to women in general and society overall! Star Jones (from personal experience as well as watching her on this platform) is an elitest,condescending bully and over all bitch! And Dionne Warwick, legend smedgen, she's shown herself to be an egomaniac and a "Ima get mine!" be-otch. Together the two are some sort of geriatric "mean girls" clic! And Donald should be ashamed for not separating the two from the group! I understand that business is a dog eat dog arena but perhaps if honesty and kindess were appreciated in business as much as "clawing" or "climbing" your way to the top there would be more civility in this country! And fewer assholes!

  4. Keri,
    Because I do give a spit about you I am writing to support you 100%. I kept screaming to myself for Lisa to stress to the Donald that Starr inisited on having her name on the cover of the book. If that is not a tip off on what she is really like I don't know what is.

    I learned a while back that Trump tosses all logic aside and goes with what he thinks will create a fuss and thus, ratings. Last years show with the Rivers duo was another example.

    Keep up your rants, we love them.

  5. I have never watched Celebrity Apprentice for exactly that reason.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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