I lived in Japan for a short time, and in Hawaii for many years. During that time I grew to know and love Japanese customs, food and of course many of the Japanese people.

The tragedy that struck their tiny island today is I'm sure more than any of us on dry land can comprehend. So in my clumsy way I want send my regards and say:

"Kami ga hitsuyō to no o jikan de, anata o shukufuku. Watashi-tachi wa, Nippon no yūjin-tachi no tame ni inotte imasu."
God Speed!


  1. Saying prayers for them all....

  2. I watch the videos and am so struck with horror ... there is no way we can begin to comprehend the terror and the sorrow. Here in Michigan, we get tornado warnings over the summer; but you know that hot days with thunderstorms might bring them, you get siren alerts telling you to go to the basement, you can make some preparations, and usually nothing happens anyway. With an earthquake, though, your life is just thrown into hell with no warning whatsoever. That kind of catastrophe and trauma, especially followed by the tsunami, is just inconceivable ....


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