I've been reluctant to write about the subject of "captchas" or word verification settings used more frequently than not by bloggers accross the internet. I would SO hate to alienate the wonderful, creative people who find them necessary, but feel the time has come to address the issue.

Let me first say that I've only been blogging a short time, a little over a year, so perhaps I lack a clear understanding of their use.

From what I've read, word verification is necessary to prevent auto-commenting, or spammed comments on your blog. The idea being that a machine is unable to replicate the captcha word, so to prove an actual human being is leaving a comment, one must use one's fingers to type in the random word. Right so far?

For "Blogger" bloggers, there's an additional security setting called "comment moderation" which allows blog authors to review comments before they're published in the comment section of the blog. Double whammy for spammers, right?

The problem is that the extra step of having to verify the captcha word when leaving other people comments is frankly a huge pain in the ass and completely unnecessary, especially if you're using comment moderation too.

Word verification and comment moderation features on both my blogs are set in the OFF position and always have been. To date I've never recieved a spammed or automated comment. If anyone reading this has more information on the issue, I'd love to hear about it. You can leave a comment and not have to verify a word to do so.

On the other hand, if you have your word verification setting in the ON position for no particular reason, PLEASE TURN IT OFF. In the long run, you'll be saving readers of your blog boat-loads of time.. ... ...


  1. Anonymous3/18/2011

    I didn't use it before but then my blog was inundated with spam. Chinese characters, nonsense words, it was relentless. I'd check my blog in the morning and there would be twenty nonsense spam comments

    I also find it absolutely infuriating because half the time I can't tell what it says and have been meaning to reset it since blogger started paying more attention to spam and not posting them

    As for comment moderation, I think some people use it because they've received rude or mean comments in the past that they don't want posted on their blog for hours before they are able to remove it

  2. I'm with ya, honey!!! I have comment moderation, so I have to approve anything before it appears. Why on Earth is it necessary to make people do extra work just for the privilege of saying something to me, when I already have to check out what they're saying??? It's a nuisance, even if it only takes a few moments; those few moments added together for more than one blog make it very time consuming. And it does nothing to facilitate wanting to come back or interact -- in fact, it's just the opposite and pushes people away. I think it's pointless, and have actually simply not bothered offering my chirpy little compliment or comment rather than deal with it ....

  3. I'm inept. That is why I have never turned off the captcha thing. I'm afraid to mess with stuff.

    I kind of like the wv. It's fun to see what comes up. Yesterday, I wrote a serious comment and my wv was 'balls.' Puts it all in perspective.

  4. Anonymous3/18/2011

    LOL thingy!

  5. I will share- I have mine on because of a blog troll who has for the past three years comes to my site and says mean things. I would cry and cry when I first saw what he wrote, now I do publish if he says something, to show others who he really is...but it has kept him from coming over, because he knows I am moderating it...so sorry, I am not ready to let it all hang loose :) I hope you still love me! I also put the follow button back, never realized it was gone all these years. I did wonder why I had the same amount of people for so long :) LOL

  6. Thanks guys.. see? This is why I put the word out...thanks for the input... You are the best

  7. Mine are in the off position as well but I must admit I don't have near the followers you or the others do. Maybe with increased popularity there are more problems. I have not had a problem. If I do I will deal with it then but I tend to like to make it as simple as possible. If I thought I had to go threw hoops to comment on someone's blog I would not comment.

    Regarding your comment on my blog regarding a certain individual running for public office, I agree. I am not a fan of people with huge ego's but I can recognize a "get the job done" kind of guy when I see one.

  8. I have captcha turned off on my blogs and comment moderation turned on. I figure less work for my readers, more for me and it keeps the spam out (I have had to delete my fair share of obvious spam).

  9. I have verification on my kids blog, but not my jerk blog. (I actually had to double check that...it's accurate.)

    I do it because the kids blog is my journal and, while I like sharing, (and also really appreciate comments) I don't want to deal with bots and spammers. If someone wants to drop a load of hate on my kids blog, they really have to want it.

    Personally, when I'm trying to use Captcha, I have a hard time trying to figure out which characters I'm supposed to put into the word verification. While I'd rather not deal with it, I understand why it's a necessary evil.

  10. Anonymous3/18/2011

    I use comment moderation because I was hounded by a religious nut cyber stalker who was relentless. She was totally bonkers and i didn't want to have to subject my followers to the insanity i was being subjected to. I finally turned it all over to the cops ...

    Meanwhile the moderation remains :-)

    I know it's a pain in the ass, but it's the only safety net I have for my followers.


  11. I am totally on board with this, I agree, it is a step too much, and half the time I can't read the words, they get fuzzier--so let's forget it.

  12. captcha off, comment mod on...I only did this because of spam
    I love your sense of humor. We think a lot alike, only I sensor myself a bit more ;)

  13. Another nuisance -- music on blogs! I try to sneak a peek at work, and the next thing I know something is blaring ... yeesh! Give me an option to click on your song du jour, but don't inflict it upon me!!!

  14. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who finds the captcha difficult and off-putting.


My WORD VERIFICATION setting is set to "NO" for your convenience. Please join me and turn yours off too & use "comment moderation" instead.