OHHHH Yikes!!!

Dear Al Pacino,

When I look into your smoldering, young eyes I see that sexy, intensely masculine smooth criminal, Michael Corleone from "The Godfather". More importantly, I see my own youth!!!

I shall never forget the night I walked out of the Kuhio Street movie theatre in Honolulu. It was 1971 and I had just seen "The Godfather" for the first time. Mesmerized, I walked up the rain slicked street several blocks to where I worked as a waitress.

This amazing movie, that haunting score and watching Pacino for the very first time had me walking on a cloud. I half expected to find him sitting at The Oyster Bar Lounge when I arrived to work my shift that night.

Since then, I've seen The Godfather/Godfather Part II more than 80 times. I'm thinking this makes me an official die-hard, and as such, I refuse to acknowledge Godfather Part III. In my opinion, it just didn't live up to One and Two. But I digress....

Al Pacino earned a special place in my heart that night in 1971, and he has lived there ever since. So imagine the SHOCK and FEAR that blazed through my body when I saw his face on Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians, the blog.

Shocked to see his photo appear on this particular site, and in fear of the reality that I could dig out 2 photos of myself, one from 71, one from now, and let the world react to how time has ravaged my head shot.

Of course I would never subject myself to this kind of humiliation, but in Pacino's case, having the world poke fun at how you're aging comes with the territory, after all, "this is the business he's chosen".


  1. Kerri, I so know what you mean! I have been reading some things about people I admire (some writers/song writers) because of my artsy fartsy back ground...one being Bob Dylan, who they say he should not be 'out' singing anymore...because he looks rode hard and put away wet, AND his voice has been damaged by ciggs and what ever else he has rolled up, but I still love him and wish these people would not diss him :(

    I too grapple with walking by mirrors and not seeing the young person I feel inside, and our bodies do not move as they once did...not sure if you know this, I gained a lot of weight over the past ten years, and began working out again last June with a goal of my 50th this June to have lost it all...well it ain't happening the way I envisioned...going slow, but my eating habits are better...that lemon cake you drooled over, I had one piece...friends and hubby ate the rest!

    Love your posts, I have told several friends about your clever'ness on here!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I have added you to my blog roll and have you featured on the front page of my blog today!!! I will be back to read more!

  3. I've been reading through your blog and I love it!! I will be back for more, every chance I get!!
    Thanks for following my blog. I have been sick and haven't been posting lately. Hopefully I will get it going again soon.
    Julz@ www.JulzJewlz.com and

  4. Chef E - I understand! Just lost 24 lbs, then gained about 6 back, and I started last August. All the mirrors in my place only show me from the neck up, which is the way I like it! LOL... Thanks for sharing and for taking the time that you have to pal around with me. I really do appreciate it very much. You're the best.

  5. I owe you an apology- only one 'r' in your name :) I got all pirate'y on you! rrrrrrr

    Coming over here (oh I am off today btw, so doing absolutely nothing!) is like getting in on some good conversation, and not babbling to myself LOL Love the mirrors are only neck up! Good one!


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