This is the way I remember Jack Lalanne. The beloved exercise and fitness guru died yesterday at the age of 96. Quite honestly, if anyone was going to make it to 100, I thought it would have been him.

Check out the list of food no-no's on the blackboard in this photo. Jack had it so right, didn't he? This list is as spot on today as it was 50 years ago.Who can forget watching the Jack Lalanne TV show every morning in the 50s and 60s? I used to love the show because back in the day, my wheat germ eating, weight lifting Father took his fitness ques from young Lalanne. In those days we called people like Jack and my Father "health nuts". As much as I hate to admit it, it would have been like my Father to own a jump suit like Jacks too. But if he ever wore it around me, I don't remember. No matter, because if he had, I'd have done everything humanly possible to permanently block it from my memory for eternity. Ballet slippers on the other hand is where I think Dad would have drawn the line.

But you have to admire Jack for who he was and the life he made. He was one of a kind, secure in his manhood, not only did he wear the slippers, he wore them WITH the jumpsuit, and he wasn't afraid to point his toes like a dancer or do girly chair exercises for all the world to see.
It was a beautiful life. May you rest in peace, Jack.


  1. The man truly was ahead of his time, banning all those iconic foods of our childhood and encouraging exercise decades before Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons showed up on the scene. It was his passion more than his livelihood. He truly will be missed ....

  2. Oh no, and every time I saw him hosting something, I thought man that guy should be 100, but he looked really great!

    Sorry to hear this, I am out of the loop when it comes to news...

  3. That's so sad ... I had missed the news of his passing until I read it here. You're so right, I would have thought he'd make it to 100 if anybody would! That list of foods on the blackboard is my favorite diet, damn it!!!


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