By now this is old news, but a few months ago as Ms. Eva Longoria joined the ranks of women betrayed by their men, I was actually cringing.

The entire subject has become such a cliche. I mean, if someone had the time (and/or inclination), an entire blog on the topic could easily be written as a daily and never lack for a headline.

I'd call it something like "Philanderer De Jour" or "Who Couldn't Keep it in their pants this week"Call me CRAZY, but what did Eva ever see in this guy in the first place? Was it his athletic prowess? His height? Money? Star quality? Intellect? My guess is that she took on the role of "Mommywife". A topic we'll have to explore in future posts.

Let us speculate no further as to which of his qualities was responsible for drawing Eva in. I would hate to speculate on something so private. Let us take our que from Eva herself and simply m o v e o n !!


  1. "Who Couldn't Keep it in their pants this week"

    Hahahahaha! I pick this one. And Peggy Lipton.

  2. You girls are being too kind. Tony and Jesse (Sandra Bullock's ex) and many, many more like them have zero class, none, nada. Anybody who has no problem public humiliating someone they once loved enough to marry, is worthless as a real man.

  3. I briefly heard they split, but did not know why. This goes on in regular relationships from what I have seen. Even women. A girl told me after knowing her a few days she cheated on her guy, and now invited me to their wedding.

  4. It is inconceivable to me how many people take those vows and yet have no concept that it actually means "forsaking all others no matter how hot, seductive, enticing they are." I absolutely second the motion of the "Philanderer du Jour" blog -- my friend Wendy and I will do it with you!!!


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