Cook me, Gordon.

Subject me to your mes en plas!

Butter me up and braise me to tenderloin.

Baste me to a spicy euphoria, then leave me to simmer

while you fill my
kitchen thick with steamy seasonings.

Call me Crazy, but I think Gordon Ramsay is sexy! Mind you, my concept of sexy has morphed over time, as have many other of my concepts about life.

Gordon isn't pretty, but he's smart, confident, passionate, talented and he can COOK! Therefore, in my twisted little book, Gordon's HOT!

I'm not overlooking the fact that he too has earned a place on the very long list of famous husbands who cheat on their wives. I'm only ignoring it for the sake of measuring his hot factor, because no matter how hot a guy is, the "schmekel" factor will most always prevail.


  1. Whee -- you're back!!! Oh, how I've missed you! You're right -- sexiness has virtually nothing to do with looks, and everything to do with intellect and talent and passion. Those Sexiest Men Alive from People magazine need more than chiseled cheekbones for me to care about them ....

  2. I wish I could cook so I would fall under your definition of sexy but my wife says a 3 minute egg is more of a challenge than I can handle. Great to have you back Keri.

  3. Heh! I love him too, but did not know he cheated, he just lowered on my sexy factor...oh well, fame gets to the best of em, or is it the loin LOL

  4. Oh yeah, I think Ramsey is sexy, too. I have one of his cookbooks so I can look at pictures of him anytime I want to. =D The other chef I think is hot is Aaron Sanchez. He's a judge on Chopped.


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