And so today we bid farewell to actor/artist Tony Curtis. Otherwise known to his closest relatives as Bernard Schwartz. I think if the Hollywood machine hadn't changed his name, Bernie's career would have been just as brilliant. He had an unstoppable spirit and energy that couldn't be denied.
Thankfully, shining examples of that spirit are etched in history forever through his body of work in the movies and at the easel. A funny guy, a good actor, a real looker, and a person who seemed genuinely to love life.

There aren't many actors who could play an unforgettable role like Josephine/Shell Oil Junior/Joe the Musician like Tony Curtis did in 1959's "Some Like it Hot", and then turn out a deadly serious and convincing performance like that of Albert DeSalvo in "The Boston Strangler". I'd have to think very hard to find an actor today who could pull that off.
I loved Tony Curtis most in his comedic roles, my favorite being "Operation Petticoat" with Cary Grant in 1960. In his 85 years Tony Curtis made an awful lot of movies. They're all listed below. Rest In Peace Bernie.

2005 -Beachhead - 2002 - Reflections of Evil -1999 -The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man -1999 - Play It to the Bone - 1998 - Star Games - 1997 -Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball - 1996 -Not with My Wife, You Don't! - The Immortals - 1995 -The Mummy Lives -1995 -Naked in New York -1994 - Center of the Web -1992 -Christmas in Connecticut -1992 -Hollywood Babylon - -1992 - Prime Target - 1991 - Lobster Man From Mars - 1990 Midnight -1989 -The Last of Philip Banter -1986 -Mafia Princess -1986 -Club Life -1985 -Insignificance -1985 -Brainwaves 1982 -Sex on the Run -1981 -Title Shot -1981 -Little Miss Marker -1980 -The Mirror Crack'd -1980 -The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova -1978 -The Bad News Bears Go to Japan 1978 -The Manitou -1978- Sextette -1978 -Vegas -1978 -The Last Tycoon -1977 -Lepke -1975 -The Count of Monte Cristo -1974 -Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? -1970 -Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies -1969 -The Boston Strangler -1968- Arrivederci, Baby! - 1966 - Boeing Boeing -1965 -The Great Race -1965 -Paris When It Sizzles -1964-Sex and the Single Girl -1964- 40 Pounds of Trouble -1963-Captain Newman, M.D. -1963-The List of Adrian Messenger -1963- Taras Bulba -1962-The Great Impostor -1961- Spartacus -1960 - Operation Petticoat -1959-Some Like It Hot -1959-The Defiant Ones -1958-Kings Go Forth -1958-The Perfect Furlough -1958-The Vikings -1958-Sweet Smell of Success -1957-Trapeze -1956-Black Shield of Falworth -1954-Houdini -1953-Son of Ali Baba -1952-Francis the Talking Mule -1950-Winchester '73 -1950-Johnny Stool Pigeon


  1. I just read about this on another blog, otherwise I wouldn't have known. For some reason, I remember him most in his role as Houdini.

  2. So sad! Loved his movies, esp. Some Like it Hot, Spartacus and Sweet Smell of Success. I'm looking at Louis and Keely beside me right now on your blog. They were a hoot!

  3. Such a surprising loss -- hadn't expected it in any way. A bit melodramatic in his personal life, but ya gotta love how he transformed his life and gave us all so many hours of entertainment ... :)

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Curtis when I was a flight attendant back in 2000. It was a breif encounter in the Las Vegas airport.

    I recogized him immediatley and approached him and his wife. In my head I quickly rehearsed what I wanted to say to him. And it seemed appropriate and spot on!

    I said, "Mr. Curtis, I am sorry to bother you but would you but I would love to get your autograph...."

    He looked at me as if he was thinking to himself....I still got it...this little chichadee is asking me for my autograph!

    I continued on " My father is a HUGE fan of yours!"

    It wasn't until the words actually left my mouth that I realized how it sounded.....

    But he was gracious and kind and autographed my boarding pass for me & my Dad! I wish I'd had a camera with me at the time! And a better piece of paper for him to autograph! And I wish that I had the ablitiy to verbalize how he not only touched his own generation but younger generations as well.

  5. He was something!

    Joey Heatherton could be Lindsay's twin, eh?

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  6. He was one of a kind. I remember him as I remember Burt Lancaster as The Crimson Pirate. He was full of one liners in his earlier films but then he blossomed into an actor with ' Sweet Smell Of Success.' He was the glib and charming leading man for many years and it was only later that we got the know the kind hearted and gregarious person he really was in his later years.
    One of my favorite films of his was ' Mister Cory'. Unfortunately it is not yet on DVD but who knows what is passing will bring to forgotten films.

  7. He was something special!!!

  8. Did you watch the TCM Tony Fest today??? I managed to catch part of it ... :)

  9. he was a piece of work!

    i live in la, and there is a large portrait of him along the 101 freeway. it is forever getting tagged. so rude!

  10. Just found this blog and I love it!
    I will be back!


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