Just read that Lindsay Lohan failed a court ordered drug test today, for which she was sent back to jail. Let's see, this happened within the last 20 minutes. How long do you think she'll be incarcerated this time? Her previous two stays at a women's jail in a Los Angeles suburb lasted 84 minutes and 14 days respectively.

Who can blame Lindsay for not changing things in her life. The message is loud and clear, even to a sober person. The real dose of reality for all of us is that no sentence can be made to stick when you can afford to buy your way out of trouble.


  1. Keri,
    It is particularly sad because Lindsay ends up being the loser in all of this. To top it off she has a support system that is non-existent, when she needs it most.

    Thanks for setting me straight on my Red Carpet blog. As always, I love your comments. I had no idea pleasing us is not what matters most to women when dressing for an evening out. I am so deflated. I still feel a large part of our population would love to hear what men think of the Red Carpet fashions.

    I'll still stick to my blue jean clad, wind blown look preference thank you. My dream girl puts Natalie Portman to shame. After 47 years with her she looks better than ever.

  2. I feel sad for Lindsay too...I thought she was a delightful actress. Perhaps this incident will be the eye opener for her. ?

  3. No lessons are learned because no lessons are imparted. Everyone -- especially celebrities who can have virtually anything they want -- needs a BFF who will slap some sense inside our heads, rather than acting as "yes" men. Dad is screwed up, Mom is screwed up, and the hangers-on have abandoned a lost cause. It's very, very sad -- she had so much potential ....

    I was waiting for you to write something about Eddie Fisher and his various shenanigans. Now THERE'S a post just a-waitin' for a wit like yours ... :)

  4. Ah, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay ... so to share a couple things from a former drunk (with 2 decades of sobriety under my belt) ... 1st, getting sober is for people who want it rather than for people who need it. An important lesson from the rooms of AA. Me thinks dear Lindsay doesn't want it bad enough yet (and may never get it, even with a stiff jail sentence) And here's reality: in and out of the rooms of AA, rehabs, and half-way houses are people just like Lindsay. We just don't hear about them because they're not in the public eye. Lindsay actually represents a large percentage of folks whose disease keeps talkin to them every single day, perhaps every hour.

    I'm just another bozo on the bus, but thankfuly a sober one.

    ~ K


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