Young guys? Older Women? It's okay with me, and to some degree it makes sense. Women grow older more gracefully these days and some manage to acquire great fortunes too, so why not?

Personally, I wouldn't have the confidence for it. I'd always be looking over my shoulder at my younger guys options. No matter how many hours a day I spent maintaining my 40 or 50 year old body, the laws of gravity would prevail when you stood me next to a 20 or 30 year old. Them's just the facts.

Factor in the "nature of man", and you're playing against the odds. All the self deprivation and boot camp workouts in the world won't help you if he can't "keep it in his pants". Just look around, even the youngest, and most beautiful of women are cheated on every day. The whole concept of monogamy, especially today, can be a crap shoot. Particularly if your guy's a hunk with wild oats to sew. No matter how you slice it, it takes bikini wearing confidence like Demi's to pull off the Cougar/Cub way of life. And by the way, it seems like she hasn't really been fully dressed since she made that Stripper movie. If that's what it takes to keep a Kutcher interested, she could be on very thin ice. Even Demi's body, as well preserved as it is, doesn't look as good as it did when she was 30.

I can remember a time when my muscular calves, in a pair of pumps, could garner a few cat-calls and whistles when I walked by. Today, those same calves are holding up, but they look more like they belong to a Romanian shot-putter than a 50-something year old woman. The truth can be so cruel, I'm still waiting for it to set me free.

On the other hand, could the Cougar/Cub phenomenon not just be about sexual attraction? Could it be more about slim pickens? If men in their 40's and 50's keep leaving their older wives for younger ones, what pickens are left for the older woman, younger men? That be the case, it looks like the Cubs are sitting pretty in the cat-birds seat. Thoughts?


  1. Well now. The way I see it, if two people are together based solely on physical attraction, then the odds of one or the other straying is high. Factor in maturity in one and youthful immaturity in the other, and it's a combination ripe for an early departure.

    On the other hand, two people who are truly in love won't let the physical appearance factor into the equation. Their chances of marital survival are much greater.

    That's not to say that there isn't some "looking". Everyone does that.

  2. Thanks Matty, I can always count on you for an honest and intellegent answer. And your a GUY!!! LOL.. tHIS problem isn't going anywhere, that's for sure.

    Take care. Keri

  3. Keri,
    Great stuff. I love your shoot from the hip, honest style. I'll bet you are a what-you-se-is-what-you-get kind of girl. In my book that alone goes a long ways toward keeping your man at home, regardless of age.

  4. Its only a matter of time, and the cougar gets really old, something stops working, the brain or the body, and any younger man would have trouble with that. So, in my book, those situations are doomed if they live long enough.

    But I still think the cougars would look better if they stopped wearing their teenager clothes. That is some old cleavage there.

  5. Personally...I don't know. That's all I have to say about that.

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