I was thinking..............................

Sixty people, all within six years of the age of 60 (in either direction), did much of their growing up in the 1960's, right?

Wouldn't it be "bitchen" to have 60 people each bring one thing to the table (this page) from that era? Be it a movie, an outfit, an appliance, a song, a book, a news story, a photograph... anything.

Then I thought "jeez, as of today I only have 16 followers". Of them, I wondered "how many are within six years of the age of 60?"

I ventured that none of you are, and pondered how long it might take for me to reach out to sixty people near the age of 60, all willing to participate? I decided it would take a l o n g, l o n g time.

Then I thought "this may be impossible, why not do it myself?" To which I answered, "maybe I will."

Then I did a complete ONE EIGHTY (60 three times), and decided it was a stupid idea after all and that I'd better move on to something else.


  1. Hey I'm one! I was born in 54 and the 60's were 10 main years of my life. I remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, the movie Hard Days Night was a drive in dream! Hippies, peace signs, the tragedy of the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, and the list goes on!

  2. Born in '56 here. I remember the protests, the hippies and long hair, the riots, the far out clothing, the cool looking cars, the war, the assassinations, watching good TV shows, the space race, drive-in movies, cruising down main street.......yes, the good ole days.


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