I know what a heart-throb Brad Pitt is for many women and there's a small part of me that "gets it" about him......(I guess). But being from another era altogether it's difficult for me not to compare the heart-throbs of MY generation with the sex icons of this generation.

Steve McQueen as Lieutenant BullittI took a nostalgic rendezvous last week with a favorite actor and GINORMOUS heart-throb of mine from the 60's, Mr. Steve McQueen. He had it going on.... and on.. and on.. and if you don't believe me just rent two movies that will drive this point right on home for ya. Both from 1968, both completely different in terms of genres, but both full of intrigue, art, sex appeal, great music and ground breaking effects.

Yes I SAID 1968! Just trust me on this. You will not be disappointed, and if you haven't ever seen Steve in these movies, there's no question you'll walk away feeling a little sum-sum for this dude.. The movies are "Bullitt" and "The Thomas Crown Affair" (that's the original Thomas Crown Affair, don't even think about comparing it to the 1999 remake with Pierce Brosnan..........fogetaboutit!)

In case you're not familiar, you HAVE to know that the car chase in the film "Bullitt" set the precedent for all car chases in any movie EVER, before or sense. Even I don't mind watching this chase through the streets of San Francisco, it's historic, and a small part of the movie. Steve McQueen is cool, sexy, sensitive and yeah, a little intense. A very young Jackie Bessett plays his girlfriend and some pretty subtle and hot stuff ensues between the two of them.
Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown

Then there's "The Thomas Crown Affair" with Steve playing a man who has everything, including one Faye Dunaway who starts out trying to put him in jail and ends up putting him in bed.

You want to talk about one of THE sexiest kissing scenes in all of film history? Watch the famous scene with the two of them playing chess, until Thomas Crown suggests they "play something else". .... .. Whew! If this doesn't impress you, you may need to stop taking your anti-depressants, cuz they be depressing you in the wrong way.

Other outstanding things about this film include the use of the split-screen effects which really are impressive, considering the lack of technology around then, and Ms. Dunaway's wardrobe which so epitomizes the fashion of that day. She wore it well, and much of it could get over today! I LOVE, LOVE these movies and highly recommend them. Have you seen either or both of them? What do you think?


  1. I haven't seen either one of them, but have to admit I'm intrigued! Looks like hubbie and I have our movies for movie night!

  2. Not a big fan of Steve! I think I like Cliff Richard more!


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