There's a lot to be said lately on the subject of big hair. Some fashionista's even indicate a come back. But I doubt very seriously if we'll ever get back to REAL big hair. Like the kind of big hair I wore through junior high and some of high school. It was off the chain. Much like this Amy Winehouse version, but then everything Amy does is off the chain. Amy, Amy, Amy! Where I grew up in Southern California (this sounds so stupid now) we had two major groups of hipsters. The first group were called 'surfers', they wore their hair reasonably close to their heads, usually parted down the middle or flipped at the ends which paired nicely with wardrobes on the preppy side. They rode around in Woody station wagons and Volkswagen Beatles listening to groups like the Beachboys.

The other group were 'lowriders'. Lowriders wore their hair as high and as big as they could get it, and they drove around in cars as low to the ground as was legal. I remember the law was that if a package of Marlboro could stand up between your car and the street, you were still within legal limitations. They listened to groups like the Ronettes.

(These are the Ronettes, circa 1966. They head the "switch/beehive" thing with matching eyeliner down solid! Plus, they could sing, dance and had soul. I wanted to be them! But I digress).
The rule of thumb on low-rider hair was to have it high enough so that you could hide a weapon in it, like a razor blade, but low enough to meet the school dress code. If you look closely (below), I'm the bubble-head with dark hair, mock turtle neck and sandals (those are some bangs huh?). To the right of me are my Mother, Sister and step-sister. Dolled up for our Sunday visit to Oma's (Grandma's) house.
The girl on the far left (below) is me around 1966 wearing my "switch" (Going for the Ronette look) what's with the bangs? The other two girls are my sisters. Both still living today, but wearing different hairstyles. These photos (below) I got from another website about 60's hairstyles. Not far from ours eh? Let us all hope it ain't true about big hair coming back. It requires way too much work, not to mention product. On the other hand, I'd rather see the beehive back in than a style from the 40's or 50's. What were THEY thinking? More importantly, what do you think?


  1. The nostalgia is fun.. but as you say let the styles stay in the past.. I prefer the no nonsense hair of today.

  2. We need a return to hats -- then we don't have to bother with our hair!!!

    And I'm old enough to be able to name those 60s icons: Peggy Lipton and Joey Heatherton. Not sure if I should be proud or not ....


  3. I think that celebrity styles influenced our personna when we were growing up. We wanted to emulate them. But I don't ever see the "big hair" coming back.

  4. Oh my god I hope they aren't coming back! I should do a post on my old teachers bee hive hairdo. What a rats nest!

  5. LOVE THIS POST! BUT I'M A BIT BIASED! Love all three of you...even if you wore your hair like that....oh but I guess I shouldn't talk! The eighties were a bitch! :)

  6. My mom & aunts, they all owned this kind of hair style in the 60's! I think they look so funny!


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