Ms. Lena Horne, I'm going to miss you. No matter how you slice it, your legacy in lyrics, beauty and class will live on as the party in Heaven just got a little bit better.

I know you're up there singing with Basie, Ellington, Carmen, Joe, Frank, Ella, Billie and all the other Jazz greats who have lived in our time.

Your passing marks the end of an era, and your legacy will live on as one who helped to bring ever lasting life to the Great American Song Book. May it play forever and a day! Rest in peace.


  1. Amen, honey! Amen ....

  2. I had a friend tell me she wanted to name her daughter Lena after her grandmother. So I said, "Oh, like Lena Horne!"

    Crickets. Crickets.

    I'm too old for my generation.

  3. Right on! She was one sassy lady with a to die for sultry voice! Love your blog and I'm wondering what will be next!

  4. I can't believe I didn't know this yet! I love her music. So sad.


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