OHHHH Yikes!!!

Al Pacino, when I look into your smouldering, young eyes I see that sexy, intensely masculine smooth criminal, Michael Corleone from "The Godfather". More importantly, I see my own youth!!!

I will never forget coming out of the Kuhio Street movie theatre in Honolulu. It was 1971 and I had just seen "The Godfather" for the first time. I left the theatre spellbound and walked up the street several blocks to where I worked as a waitress. Seeing the movie, hearing the score and watching Al Pacino for the first time had thrilled me so, I half expected to find him sitting at The Oyster Bar Lounge when I arrived to work the second shift that night.

Since then, I've seen The Godfather/Godfather Part II more than 80 times. I'm thinking this makes me an official die-hard, and as such, I refuse to acknowledge Godfather Part III. In my opinion, it just didn't live up to One and Two. But I digress....

Al Pacino earned a special place in my heart that night in 1971, and he has lived there ever since, so imagine my reaction of SHOCK and FEAR when I saw his face on Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians, one of my favorite blogs.

Shocked to see his photo show up on this particular site, and afraid of the reality that I could easily dig out 2 photos of myself, one from 71, one from now, and let the world react to how time has ravaged my head shot. Of course I would never subject myself to this, but in Pacino's case, having the world poke fun at how you're aging comes with the territory, after all, "this is the business he's chosen".

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  1. OMG! HE IS ON THE LIST?? OH NO. Poor Al. Perhaps he should reconsider his hair do? 80 times? Knowing you, I believe that is an accurate number! BTW.....The title "YOUTHINEYES" very clever!


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