The Bitch Slap Awards!

I love watching the Academy Awards show and the red carpet scene outside the theatre. Like most women I have an opinion about how everyone is dressed, and this year was no different. Queen Latifah looked fabulous, so did Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. The big Standouts for me were Vera Farmiga in her ruffled Marchesa gown and Jennifer Lopez wearing some wonderful Armani creation, and Honey, was she w e a r i n it!

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Mariah Carey wearing a dress two sizes too small. I like Mariah (since she married Nick) but I'm really tired of seeing her tits and wonder why she's so intent on leading with them. Running neck and neck with Mariah were Nicole Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker and worst of all, Molly Ringwald. Shame on whom ever lied to her and let her go out looking like that!

There's always a lot of buzz about best dressed, worst dressed, best speech, etc. but in my opinion we need to add another award to the mix called the "who needs to be bitch slapped" award. My picks? Elinor Burkett, the obnoxious slob-of-a-woman who hijacked Roger Ross Williams' acceptance speech for best documentary short. Sandy Powell, the costume designer whose acceptance speech and outfit made me gag, and finally, Kathy Ireland who made me and everyone else more uncomfortable with every red carpet interview she tried to conduct, JEEZUS!

Oh and just a couple more items worth mentioning were Niel Patrick Harris' opening number. It was in my opinion completely unnecessary and incongruous to the rest of the show. And I'm so glad Avatar didn't win for best picture, I think James Cameron is an egotistic fat cat, richer than God, blockbusting braggart! I'm just sayin!


  1. The title of this post says it all! Love stopping in here for a smile - thank you.

  2. Don't hold back...tell us how you really feel! I missed the whole damn thing. GRRRR! BTW, I love the photo! :)


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