Jeeezz, this week there are so many schmucks doing such schmucky things. I'm having a difficult time choosing which one's to bitch about. But company's coming and I won't have time for blogging over the next week so getting something in here today is paramount. Let me just start with the short schmuck list.

1. Rielle Hunter does a GQ interview including a photo shoot with her and former PRESIDENTIAL candidate John Edwards' two year old love child. Okay.... do an interview with GQ but why do your shoot on a bed dressed only in a man's shirt? And why not cover your naked parts whilst putting your tot on display? Call it a Tart With A Tot! Rielle's demeanor smacks of a schmucky Playboy wanna be. Such a shame, just think... if the election had worked out differently for John, Rielle could have been America's First Concubine Lady. Think about it.

2. Tiger Woods has announced his return to competitive golf. Just as I preDICKted in my post entitled "Ruh Ro". Admittedly a slam-dunk prediction, I mean durrrrrr! Now watch for further news announcing that his wife is taking his horny ass back. Woops, did I say that out loud?

3. Multi-Mommy Kate Goslin is continuing her quest for more than 15 minutes of fame with her new gig on Dancing With The Stars. I'm thinking this would be much more schmucky if it were Jon Goslin. Matter of fact, I forgive Kate for this move. It's the show that's schmucky, not Kate. I know, I know...... I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't like that show. But do me a favor and watch a few episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance". Then you'll see why I dislike the DWTS. Sorry.

I could go on and on here. There's Mike Tyson and his new reality show about bird racing, Paula Abdul and her new gig resurrecting "Star Search" and I haven't even touched on the latest political schmucks. But all that can wait. My sweet Sister is coming to town for a week and she and I will be gathering fodder for future filings here on "Curtsy". And I have to add.... there are only seven of you, but I love you for following me.. See you in a week. Keri

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