And Speaking of American Idol..........

Honestly, I never meant for this blog to be all about men who look like women or women who look like men. I just found myself fascinated with the concept one day and after that, this fodder kept presenting itself where ever I went. A little bit like deciding to buy a car you think you hardly ever see on the road. Then from that day forward, you see them all day long. This is Adam Lambert's first album cover. At first I thought it was PINK! Then after a double take I was able to associate the name with this face. LOL! I mean he/she really does look pretty, smokey eyes and all. I guess I'm just happy the focus isn't on him whilst hitting one of those infamous ear piercing, tongue wagging high notes.

My opinion of Adam? I know you didn't ask, but I'll tell you any way. ... .. I thought he had a huge chance of winning Idol because of his a great voice and terrific stage presence. Frankly I don't remember if he won or not. But that doesn't seem to matter much, historically speaking.

His post Idol appearances have all seemed a bit over the top, in-your-face, but fitting for his well defined rocker/screamer/freaky niche. Of course this doesn't happen to include me. Never the less, I wish him all the success. What do you think of him?


  1. I agree...oh and hey if he calls you will you call me? I am still waiting for Ted Allen of Chopped to call me for catering like he promised!

    Maybe I should have slapped that last drink out of his hand at the bar...

  2. I love Adam not just because of his look but also his voice. You have to listen this song 'mad world' by Adam. I think it's fantastic! It doesn't matter he's a gay or not! I just adored his voice! Btw, I born in the 60th! Have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Kristy


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