Is it me, or is this season of American Idol a ginormous yawn? I do more cringing in that one hour of television than I do in an afternoon in the dentists chair. Let me try to understand this. You have more than 300 THOUSAND people show up for a chance to compete and end up with these particular twelve? Somethings rotten in Denmark!

Is Randy getting rusty? Has Simon gone stale? Could Kara care less? Did Ryan stop tryin? What about Ellen? Her first time out and somethings smellin. Did Paula put a curse on the show or what? Did someone sabotage the talent pool? I hear "Star Search" is coming back with Paula Abdul hosting. Perhaps all the real talent is ramping to vamp for Paula, leaving Simon and gang looking like... well like they just showed up for the paycheck. I mean Simon has been so NICE this season, there has to be a reason?

I'm committed. If the Siobahn girl screams that weird high note one more time, I'm high tailing it away from the show forever. If Urban dude gives one more hokey pokey performance without being voted off, I'm offing the show for good. The only two worth the trouble are Crystal and Aaron. Crystal being hardcore funky folk (great, but not what America votes for) and Aaron, wanna be country? I still can't finger him out, at 16 he's hardly fingered himself out. Yes, I said finger, the thing I'd love to give to the whole Idol cast these days. I'm just sayin.

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