Ya know....................... some people just don't have any CLASS. Many times on my other blogs (samwich365.com and spitnglue.com) I type my fingers to the bone trying to come up with interesting posts, read other peoples interesting posts, and leave interesting comments on their interesting posts in an effort to network and to grow my little blog sphere.
Every once in a while I even extend myself so far as to "grab a button" and place it on my page (this is rare), in hopes that other interested bloggers I know will frequent blogs I think are interesting. I mean that's the way it works right? WRONG! I don't complain about it, that would be sour grapes, a mis-use of my other blogs platforms, and inappropriate places to discuss such slightings.

But not here, Baby. Here on ALWAYS CURTSY WHEN YOU SNEEZE I can say what ever I think about whom ever I think it. I can call attention to the BLOG SNOBS and ingrates who think they're above all the networking. Once some of them get a certain number of followers and boo koo comments on every post, they no longer feel the need to engage with us little blogging people! To them I say a bite me!

Such is the case with Ms. Vodka Logic. I'm takin
your snobby-ass button down, girl. Don't bother to darken my blog sphere door again. I think you stink! Ahhhhhh that felt soooo flippin good!


  1. Sing my song, honey! We little people can just stick together and be fascinating and flippant (and share some chocolate while we're at it), and the others can be left to lose their souls ....

  2. Thanks for the shoutout on my blog. I'm fairly new to all of this, and generally think the only people reading it are my parents. Always interested to hear from other bloggers! Keep up the great work!

    Wilma (The Worst Vegetarian Ever)

  3. I know a few bloggers like that. I never hear from them.

  4. I am so new to your blog and I am so loving it. You are hilarious! And about the blog snobs... I've onyl been blogging for a few months, but except from my pen friends and friends, onyl some people I leave comments on their blogs have the courtesy of visiting my blog. You don't have to like it, sure, but hey, drop me a line. My eyeballs hurt when I see 126 or 423 followers.... how did they get there??
    Anyway, keep up what you are doing!

  5. If you told me you took my button I missed it. I am in no way a snob, at least not intentionally. Do you have a button? I would be happy to add it to my blog roll.

    Sorry for your anger.


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