Craigs List is just one example of how the anonymity we enjoy over the Internet can be a very dangerous thing. With it, the darkest side of people have a place to wander about, stirring up and propagating disturbing behaviors that would otherwise stay put in the deep and seedy recesses of their minds.

I shudder to think about all the "stuff" I've purchased or sold over Craigs List. Right up until last year when I sold a large item from our yard. There I was, in a wooded area, alone with a stranger, haggling over a lousy $100.00 item, cheating death or dismemberment or maybe worse. Won't be doing THAT again.

Just a few days ago I caught a news clip about a guy in this very county (which is very small) operating from Craigs List as a means to connect with women. He raped four of them before being caught. And we've all heard the story of "The Craigs List Killer" who was dating and killing women he met on CL. Unbelievable.

Which brings us to the Almanac of American Politics who only last year named Christopher Lee, a married Republican congressman serving the 26Th District a 'rising star'. Yeah? A rising porn star maybe. Lee wasted no time admitting he sent a half naked photo of himself to a woman over Craigs List. Then he resigned.

Mark my words, we've undoubtedly only scratched the surface of his degenerate doings. He didn't even try to defend himself before submitting what is being called 'an astonishingly rapid resignation to his congressional career'.

Just more fodder for anyone interested in authoring the blog I've been threatening to start loosely entitled, "PHILANDERER DE JOUR". Hey I don't go looking for it Kids, it's rampant and in your face each and every day.

But back to Craigs List..... I'll be staying as far away from that rag as is humanly possible for the time being. Like so many other cool ideas to come along, CL has seemingly turned into a forum for perverts such as the other CL to act out their nastiness in the real world. What ever happened to temperance and clean-cut decency? Help me out here, people!

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  1. Truly, every single day there is a new PdJ in the news ... and that's one celebrity for every HOW MANY regular schmucks???

  2. I know, and agree with what you said. I watched that movie too, and just read about the guy sending his photo...have we lost our minds? Well, I haven't...YET! Heh!

    Okay, you should be posting in 'html' setting, then look at it in 'compose', that should take care of the problem with spacing. 'Compose' sucks when it comes to posting photos and such, so I do it reverse.


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