Alive and well, my love/obsession with vintage Hollywood keeps the DVR full of TCM classics. Viewing them over and over again, I favor stories with lots of great dialogue and sophisticated humor like The Philadelphia Story, All About Eve, How to Marry a Millionaire, and too many others to fathom.

These early directors, producers and players INVENTED the art of movie making, and something about black and white film resonates with me on levels beyond nostalgia. I find movies like Father Of The Bride and The Thin Man films incredibly comforting.

Beneath drama which at times seems over the top, there lies the glam factor and sense of style that speaks of an era forever gone, yet living on through the fabulous films and phenomenal faces that brought life to each story and character. They don't make faces like these any more. Or do they?
Kate Hepburn

Audry Hepburn

Lauren Bacall

Sophia Loren Natalie Wood Elizabeth Taylor

Vivien Leigh Grace Kelly


  1. They don't
    And even if the modern actresses are beautiful, it's just in a different way. It's just not the same. Cry

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  3. I might have missed being born in the 50's but I do like your blog..funny and insightful!

  4. Good afternoon Keri,

    No they don't make them like that anymore. Now, a plastic surgeon reforms them to industry standard. Destroying their natural beauty before they have a chance to develop.

  5. Meryl Streep could be added to this pantheon, but I can't think of anyone else. She's pretty in a unique sort of way -- not traditional, but still lovely with delicate features. I adore TCM, though they have a tendency to show the same movies over and over. In the case of "Gigi," that's okay; in the case of "My Fair Lady," not so much. They NEVER show "All About Eve," it seems, and that is one of the mostest fabulous greatest movies ever made!!! "A Place in the Sun," too ....


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