Alright... Indulge me one more time whist I wallow in my old Hollywood binge. Here we have Warren Beatty in his prime, paired with Liz Taylor (on the verge, but still looking good). Circa 1970, set in Las Vegas, when The Sands and The Nevaden still stood.

I loved this film. Warren plays a piano player/degenerate gambler who has a gig on the strip. The piano music stopped me in my tracks. WHO was dubbing this exquisite piano? It most certainly wasn't Warren doing the playing. I found the films credits on line, but no mention of whose talents were used for the piano. This makes me crazy! Anyway, an aging Las Vegas woman, Fran Walker (Elizabeth Taylor) drifts into an affair with Joe Grady (Warren Beatty) while waiting for her married lover to finalize the divorce he has been promising to get for the past five years.

By the time he keeps his word and is free to marry Fran, she's fallen in love with Joe. But here's the interesting part: When the married lover comes back to get Fran, he shows up with the following:

A finalized divorce decree, signed, sealed and hand delivered
Two airline tickets to New York where they'll be marriedThen on to Paris for a honeymoon
A bottle of champagne
A 10 carrot diamond ring and
A promise to have her belongings sent to where ever they settle. "Just pack the minimum, and what ever you need we'll buy in New York".

Fran backs out at the last minute because she realizes she's in love with Joe. Newly divorced lover accepts this, and is heading for the door when Fran stops him. "Wait", she says with a little tear in her eye, and hands him back the 10 carrot ring.

Meanwhile, adorable Joe is out pawning his old convertible to try to re coop his losses at the craps table.

And this my friends is Hollywood at it's best. Girl meets loser boy. Girl dumps Mr. Right to stay with loser boy. Why? For the sake of true love. BROTHER!


  1. Anonymous9/05/2010

    "WHO was dubbing this exquisite piano? It most certainly wasn't Warren doing the playing. "

    And why would it be so impossible to you that Warren was responsible for this piano playing? He is an excellent piano player, who even made a living of it, playing in piano bars, before his acting career took off. Even Dominic Dunne mentioned Warren's fantastic talent in one of his books, as Warren was known to take place behind the piano on more than one Hollywood party!

  2. Duly noted Mr./Ms."Anonyma".... I stand corrected. I had no idea that Beatty played the piano. It actually makes sense now that I think about it.

    While I have read a couple of Dominic Dunnes books, that factoid escapes me. Perhaps is was Warren playing after all, in which case, he plays supurbly.

    While watching the movie in question it occured to me that I too would find it difficult NOT to be completely attracted to a guy who could play so well. I appreciate you chiming in and am curious about your mysterious-nessss. Keri

  3. In 1970 I was 5 and in England and didn't have television...So...I'd like to say...Happy Labor Day!

  4. lol, love the name of your blog~ I am so there! and I watched that movie for the first time on TV awhile back, loved Liz'z outfits.


  5. I have a book in which there are photographs of Liz from her first picture she acted till recent past.

  6. Hi Keri
    I also like watching old movies. Just watched an old favorite Becket. Hubby is not as interested so I watch them when he is out of town. Really getting into the Tudors right now love the clothes they wore.

  7. Just checkin' in, sayin' "Hi." Love, love, love the Marilyn quote on the sidebar!


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