Hey PH, next time you're sitting in the police station, it's probably not good idea to reach into your Gucci bag for anything. I mean, the fact that you didn't have handcuffs on didn't mean you should go fishing for your lip balm. There was a good chance no one would have searched the bag at all. Let me get this straight. You were looking for lip balm and not the cocaine that came flying out of the purse, right? Are you sure you weren't going for a little bump to get you through another police interigation? Girrrrrl... you need to check yourself.
Last night I was on CNN's website and drifted over to a comment section where readers were asked if now that one member of the cast is gone they would continue to watch the show.

Amazed at the steady stream of comments coming in on the topic, I read a bunch of them. It's amazing how invested some people are in the lives of these "real" women. I'll admit that I don't watch the shows, but have seen the commercial clips that promote them. Yikes.

REAL Housewives? REALLY? Are you sure, people? Are they really that shallow and vicious? Who ARE these people, and why are they so popular. I'm not being rhetorical, I really want to know. What am I missing?

Hey Kate Gosselin! We get it, you want to be famous. But famous for what? Unlike the "real housewives", you actually had the chance to be famous for something REALLY worthwhile. Being a great Mommy.

I used to marvel at the way in which you handled your children, their needs, the home you provided for them, the love and praise you gave them. You could have become the go-to person for anyone raising children and that would have provided you with an enormously decent income whilst giving other Moms a role model for raising kids. you were good at it!

Instead, you're all about being a glamazon. striving to be famous for being famous. In my estimation, you blew it. You have drunk the koolaid, girlfriend, and that ain't KOOL!


  1. It all leaves me speechless!

  2. The Real Housewives bug me because they're not even housewives for the most part! Also, those NJ women are insane. I started watching when it was the Orange County housewives and it was relatively low drama but now it's just a bunch of bitches fighting and being mean. Can't stand it.

  3. Ah, I love it when you slap folks upside the head! Always makes me smile ... :) I don't watch much t.v., but when I've seen Kate she's been ignoring the kids or berating the ex (while they were still together). So desperate for fame that none of the things which should have mattered to her did -- they were either impediments or tools to manipulate. It seems to me that the more shallow, the more conniving, and the more devoid of humanity one is, the greater the chance of stardom in "reality" t.v. Who knows how real any of these people are??? I don't know people like these, but maybe I'm just sheltered working at a religious institution!


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