This mornings headline hit me right between the eyes. Dr. Laura is ending her radio talk show as a result of the infamous phone call that took place last week wherein she had the audacity to utter the "N" word a bunch of times. I heard the call and read the transcript (see link below), and will admit to cringing with her words. In MY opinion, it wasn't the use of the words as much as it was the nasty attitude she used behind them. If you have ever listened to Laura, you'll know the attitude is nothing new. She comes off as an impatient bitch about 95% of the time. On the other hand, her message is usually right on point when it comes to relationships and kid rearing. She has actually become the voice of reason when it comes to these topics, and I'm glad she's there to speak the truth when not many others do.

On this matter, she stated a fact that many a white folk have stated previously, that the use of the word is used with abandon among black people, but if a white person uses it, we're pretty much going DOWN! Unfortunately, Laura couldn't help herself from cutting the woman off in mid-sentence and accused her of having a preverabial chip on her shoulder. She was as relentless about that as the caller was about Laura's use of the word.

Lets face it, the word is in our vernacular. It was put here by white supremisists, but black folks are just as responsible for keeping it alive and well.

I have to agree with Dr. Laura on one count, that her first amendment rights have indeed been usurped. Here's a link to the audio and the transcript, listen/read for yourself if you haven't already and I'd love to know what you think.


  1. Okay, I listened and read the transcript. What I get from it is a whole lot of political correctness and hyper-sensitivity.

    Political correctness suggests that there are certain things we can and cannot do, and certain things we can and cannot say. These things aren't illegal. We don't get arrested for doing and saying them. But in today's society, we can't do or say them, or we are labeled by those who find them offensive.

    Society has set up all these rules of what is and isn't acceptable, based on how offensive they find something. Which itself is based on their level of sensitivity. I find it interesting that society doesn't tolerate the use of the word nigger, but it's okay to refer to it as "the N word". Aren't they the same thing?

    Under the first amendment, she has every right to say what she said. But under the umbrella of political correctness, she doesn't. Under the first amendment, there are no penalties for making those statements. But according to political correctness, the penalties are steep. As in being labeled by those who don't like what she said, and as in being pressured into making a public apology. An apology she shouldn't have to make for exercising her freedom of speech.

    I like the Phillies. There, I said it. Right here in this public forum. If you're a Yankees fan and your feelings are hurt, does that mean I should apologize to you for it? And should I close down my blog because I said something you didn't like?

    There are people who like to be offended. They wake up every day with one goal in mind....to be offended. If they don't find it, they go to bed disappointed.

    I did not cringe. I thought she was stating her opinion and calling things the way she sees it. But whether you agree or disagree with anything she says, she has the right to say it. And if the listener doesn't like it, they have two options. Change the dial, or DUH.....turn the radio off.

  2. I don't call it political correctness to refrain from using certain words or terms. I call it having enough respect for someone that I would not use a term in reference to them that I know stems from a dark place. What they do amongst themselves is their business. Dr. Laura should have shown that respect.

    I defend the right of Dr. Laura and the caller to say what they want to say but whether legally right or not sometimes, out of respect for others, there should be discretion. I feel the same way about building a mosque down the block from the tragedy of 9/11.


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