This Jetblue flight attendant and self professed "bag Nazi" a folk hero? Come on people! Let me help you think this through.

First off, try to imagine being a passenger on his last flight, or his last 10 flights for that matter. The guy has so little regard for his customers, his responsibility to them, himself, and his employer, he decides he can't take it any more and jumps out of the plane? The guy is a schmuck, through and through.

Just a note here Steven, Facebook followers don't pay the rent and they won't even remember your name while your doing time in jail. Fifteen minutes of fame only lasts fifteen minutes. Which is about how long it's going to take Jetblue to replace your sorry ass.

There are PLENTY of unemployed people who would love to have your job, which begs the question, what self respecting employer is going to hire you after this? What an idiot!

But never mind Steven, what about the thousands of people who have rallied in his favor? What does it say about the mentality here? These are the same people who spend their evenings watching the obnoxiously spoiled housewives, shallow bad girls and too many other sleazy people who are so far removed from anything having to do with talent, excellence, knowledge, or worth! It's frikin CRAZY!!!

The more I think about it, the more disgusted I become. Whose to say that if this guy worked at the post office or any number of other places where he could have brought a gun to work, he wouldn't have taken his rampage to the next level? Then how many Facebook followers would he have?

UGGGG!#$%^&** This has me seeing red, how about you?


  1. Oh, what I would give in our busy season here to throw a little hissy fit, dip into some schnaps (maybe in reverse order!), and let everyone know what I think! But that's not how civilized, responsible, professional people behave ... they vent to their girlfriends or their dogs, they whine on Facebook, but not this nonsense ....

  2. Like it or not, American media will extend his 15 minutes and he will get rich from it.

  3. Amen to all you said!! This guy's an idiot, and really should be fired. To quote from Steel Magnolias, he's "a boil on the butt of humanity"!

  4. I don't understand why this guy has been put on a pedestal! I'm terrified of flying and he'd be the LAST GUY I'd want on my flight. Some princess walking around thinking he's better than everyone. Completely unprofessional.

  5. "Fifteen minutes of fame only lasts fifteen minutes. Which is about how long it's going to take Jetblue to replace your sorry ass."

    I LOVE IT!! I love your point, the delivery, the entire post! Just LOVE IT!

  6. Hey Sie,,,, I went to find your blog/email and no such luck. Hope you happen back here to read this thank you note for stopping here and commenting. And thanks to Woody for sending you. I'm truely flattered. Sounds like you and I are of like mind on a few things. LOL. I love to vent! Come back soon, I'd be honored to have you as a follower too, so when you come again, hit the follow button. Take good care, Keri


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