Slack is the operative word here. Okay so we didn't exactly dress for success back in the day, but the leisure suit has to go down in history as perhaps one of THE biggest fashion atrocities known to man. The fact that 99% of leisure suits were made of polyester didn't help matters much, and many a male added insult to injury by pairing his leisure suit with stacked heeled boots or worse, alligator loafers. Today you absolutely have to be gay to wear one of these suits, but that wasn't the case back in the 70s. I remember dating Rick August who owned a couple of leisure suits IN PLAID! Oh geez do I wish I had saved a couple of pictures to share with you here. Rick standing tall in his plaid leisure suit, and me standing next to him in my Danskin onesie and wrap-around skirt, on our way out to the local disco for a few laughs. YIKES!

The old joke about 'don't light cigarette anywhere near either one of us" is no joke. In those days everyone smoked and I distinctly remember dropping an occasional hot ash on Rick's polyester suit.. He's lucky to be alive. Or is he still alive? Who knows...


  1. I know! Anyone wearing one thought they were just the coolest! Ugly to say the least, I liked the guys in jeans and old shirts, still do!

  2. Oh! And that's Peggy Lipton from by favorite show at the time, "Mod Squad" !

  3. Ok...the iconic couple of the 50's and 60's is the fantastic, the amazing, the swingin' Louie Prima and "the voice" Keely Smith! but you knew I knew that!

  4. You know the best thing about polyester was you didn't have to iron it...I kind of miss it...


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