Has there ever been or will there ever be another like him? I think not. The original saloon singer, one of a kind. King of crooning, confidence, class, charisma and commander of the Great American Song Book! The Chairman of the Board, Old Blue Eyes, "The Voice", Sinatra!

I was fortunate to have seen him four times. Twice at Cesar's Palace from f r o n t r o w s e a t s. So close I coulda TOUCHED HIS MARYJANE! Yes... I said his MARYJANE! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Da contenda! The Godfather! Stanley Kowalski........... Never mind "HEY STELLA"... what about "Hey K E R I"..... If Marlon Brando woulda called, I'd'a come runnin, no matter when or how much he ultimately weighed.
Frankly My Dear, I would give a damn and a few other things too. Clark Gable, let's get you out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini! Scarlett O'Hara was a blithering idiot. When it came to you, all her good sense was gone with the wind. With you, it wouldn't happen just one night, it would happen every night. I love You!
Ohhhh don't make me say anything about Cary Grant. Just let me look at him, hear him speak, watch him walk across a hotel lobby or watch him put on a suit (or take off a suit). The ultimate, consummate man of style and "debonair-nesss".. Grace in a button-down shirt, shear sex appeal on every level. Keri loves Cary..
Cool Hand Luke, Hombre, Hudd... dare-devil, class act, and he made a mean salad dressing too. Can you imagine, a face like this? Making salad dressing? YUMMMMM!
And not a tattoo on any of um! Any Questions?


  1. Honey, you missed Errol Flynn! And Gene Kelly, whose dance moves could only translate to other moves (as tactful as I can get here!). Agree with all the others, though ....


  2. Nope...I think you covered it all!

  3. Ah yes! Fortunately, there are some great looking ones now to take their place!

  4. They just don't do anything for me. LOL

  5. Honey, I keep trying to get to the TJ Torta -- reader says it exists, then I click and get told there ain't no such animal. Huh??? Back at ya for the lovely compliments you sent the other day ... methinks we're kindred spirits, slap-happy and feisty despite age and gravity and schmuck men and ....

  6. P.S.: Found the torta at sandwich365, though the reader is insisting it's here ... hmmmm. technology -- meh!

  7. Paul Newman is my favorite from the above.. I'd add James Dean. Yeah, definitely James Dean...


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