Here's a guy I love to hate. Don Imus... the over rated, over payed, over exposed bigoted radio jack-ass whose been given a second chance at life, love and a radio show far too many times to be believed.

A know-it-all, egocentric curmudgeon who gets paid to grumble his twisted opinions unto the radio airwaves every day. He is without personality so depends on a couple of studio-cronies to pitch him topical one liners so he can do the only thing he does well.... Blow-real-hard!

Please, somebody stop him. Make him go back under his 10 gallon hat and then put him out of his misery and the radio business once and for all. Geez will the good-old-boy network EVER die?

Really Dog? An award winning Mullet, a fading pompadour, a receding hairline, a beard, a mustache AND Indian hair beads? Just what is it you're trying to tell us here Dog?

High-profile wanker!
Senator Larry Craig! Remember his infamous Minneapolis airport bathroom incident? What's really scary is that he looks like 80% of the American Government. Yikes
Liza Mineli married him.


  1. Yikes, how right you are!!!

  2. I never cared for Imus, and right you are with the others.

  3. I love reading your posts -- you're so mild-mannered and demure, such a Stepford wife with no opinions of her own ... :) :) :)


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