I woke up slowly this morning, deciding to ease into the demands of the day. Sitting quietly in my favorite chair I sipped at my coffee, letting each warm slurp trickle down my throat and into my blood stream, waking up the various parts of me, even parts that didn't necessarily care to be awakened.

The sun gently rose above and through the wood slats of the patio deck outside bringing streams of light to the world around me once more. I began to think about this body and how well it has treated me through the years. How easily it responds to the rituals of morning, and how it has indeed changed over time.

It occurred to me that all joking aside "if I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken m u c h better care of myself." I thought too of how lovely it would be to know you could come back after death and have one more crack at life. If that were to happen, I think I'd like to come back as a man instead of a woman.

How comfortable in general men seem to be as they walk through this world. From a superficial stand point, men have it made in the shade. No pressure to look "fetching", men get to wear cotton underwear, flat shoes and short hair cuts instead of a hair "do". Most men I've known have few qualms about being naked. They just don't have that much to be modest about. No makeup to consider, no nail polish or purses to carry around.

To me, it would be just fine to sprawl out and sit with my legs open no matter where I am or who I'm with. To walk down the street and hardly be noticed as you blend into the world around you. Call me crazy, but I think shaving only my face once a day instead having to wax several other parts of me sounds like a cake walk. To earn more money than women do and to be first in line for "the job" would be a great place to be, wouldn't it? Am I delusional?

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  1. Hell no you're not delusional! I'm right there with you! The only down fall....you have to work your fingers to the bone....even if you don't want to!


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