Today from Associated Press: ATLANTA - U.S. life expectancy has risen to a new high, now standing at nearly 78 years, the government reported Wednesday. The increase is due mainly to falling death rates in almost all the leading causes of death. The average life expectancy for babies born in 2007 is nearly three months greater than for children born in 2006.

I'll preface this by saying that right now, at age 57 and from my own perspective, three months doesn't sound like that big a deal. I suppose if I live to be 80 and some smart ass asks me if I'd like to live another three months I would of course say yes. But come on, you know how quickly 90 days jets by. It's a blink of an eye, hardly worth mentioning, really.
Would living a blink-of-an-eye longer make any difference in "the end"? If you had 90 days notice could you run out and change some ones world before checking out? If you ask me, that would be a fine way to do it. Run out, grab your assets, disperse them in such a way that before you go, you've taken care of the one's who count in your life. What else is there?

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