Buried deep within the mind are departments, compartments and emotions that should be in check. In no particular order, here are twelve:

CONSCIENCE: Probably located near the front portion of the brain and functioning as a guide or compass, hence the adage "Let your conscience be your guide". I don't cheat or tell too many lies, don't kick my dogs or prey on the elderly, so my conscience is relatively clear. But I often wonder, do other areas of the brain some how benefit from a clear conscience?

EGO: Over time my ego has been all over the map, running the gamut of complete inflation to utter destruction. Currently, it seems to be buried in rubble and in need of restoration. Interestingly, some of the most crystal clear moments and lasting impressions in my life have evolved from having it checked. A profound experience and difficult to forget, one simple check of the ego has the power to shape who you are and how you approach the world.
THE SUBCONSCIOUS: This elusive part of the brain can seem impossible to tap, it's location difficult to pinpoint. Is it spread evenly over every part of the brain, or tucked away in some mysterious crevasse of gray matter? It is purported to be where the real power over self lies. But unless one makes a study of it, it's real potential can never be realized. Think of the possibilities life would hold if children learned to harness their open and unadulterated subconscious minds. With so little emphasis placed on it, only a chosen few will ever really master it.

FEAR & LOATHING: Familiar territory for me. Having done more loathing than fearing, I can vouch that with loathing, things are rarely ever as bad as you fear they're going to be. The irony is that while your in loathing, the part of your brain holding this simple fact is rendered useless by loathing itself. It's partner, fear can be a life saver, a defense mechanism against people without conscience or oncoming trains. At the same time, fear can hold you back, but facing it can set you free. Fear is fierce!

COMPASSION: I have an abundance of compassion and for that I am grateful. Truthfully though, compassion was an acquired taste for me. Once the old ego was in check and I got my head out of my .... uhhh...... well ... let's just leave it right there and say I now have plenty of compassion.

PASSION: Yes, well passion is important isn't it, and all the rage. Passion is professed to be the only way in which one can attain life's true gifts. It too can be elusive if you've not had some indoctrination to the idea of realizing your passion. I have scrambled to find my big passion in life, but at this stage of the game, it's possible that I never will. That sucks.

AMBITION: Interesting how these all play off of one another, isn't it? Presently, my ambition is in question. Perspective may have been lost along the way on this, and where one goes to regain it is cloudy terrain. Could it be in some stage of morph? The answer buzzes around me like a fly. If and when it is found again, I shall use it for good and not evil.

JEALOUSY, ENVY, ANGER & GUILT: I loath jealousy and anger. To my thinking they are both poison and should be completely eradicated from the brain. Junk emotions that can in no way serve us, unlike guilt. Guilt can stir us into being better people, and envy is innocent enough. If managed, envy can be a motivator so long as it doesn't turn to jealousy. Socrates said that a life unexamined is a life not worth living. I don't know if I completely agree with that, but putting a little thought to the things that drive us certainly seems worth looking at, can I get a witness?


  1. Anonymous3/30/2011

    very interesting informative post.

  2. Love this post. Very thought provoking indeed. I'm still undecided whether I agree or disagree with Sir Socrates. It depends on the day and my mood.
    But it is an intruiging concept none the less...

  3. Great blog and post on the brain, but like Rumi I am a believer that the heart has a more important role than the brain when it comes to feelings. After all why is there a saying of "follow one's heart". Sometimes the heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of.

  4. Interesting! I disagree, though, that anger serves no purpose. It fuels most of my blog posts. :) I know what you mean, though.

    If I would stop getting hit in the imaginative part of my brain, they may make more sense...

  5. Awesomeness - you have me there. i love what anger does for your blogging. i'm a fan.

    Klambat - great point, but the heart is so often broken or sick, can it be trusted?

    Romina - self examination is always tricky, no? sometimes going with the flo is the way to go

    David - thanks for that.

  6. sorry,couldn't find another way to contact you. i just wanted to reply to your comment on my post.

    thanks, 17lbs is good, i just have so far to go. walking is better for you than not walking. they even make some walking videos you can do in your house. congrats on you 25 lbs, and screw that doctor, find another one! xx

    i'm still dieting, so my brain isn't functioning at 100%, but great post.

  7. it is very interesting how it all works! kind of amazing. :)

  8. You said it all with your Compassion check. All the rest falls into place or there would be no compassion. If you have it you are way ahead of most.

    While you are trying to figure it out keep writing. We love your honesty.

  9. Thanks, Keri! I loved this post. :)


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