2.5 MEN minus SEASON 8

It's been announced officially that the TV show "Two and A Half Men" has been dropped from CBS' line up like one hot potato!

I for one think that would have been a capitol idea, but apparently the show is so highly profitable CBS can't bring themselves to cancel it completely.

All they've really done is quit filming the show for the current season (number 8) until they decide what to do about Charlie Sheen and his "antics".
I love the way they've reduced Charlie's illegal drug possession, addiction to porn, alcoholism, domestic violence, assault, menacing and criminal mischief, destruction of public property, maniac radio rants and probably statutory rape to mere "antics"... COME ON, PEOPLE!



  1. Yeah Keri!!!! That's what I'm talking about.

  2. Anonymous2/28/2011

    He’s a bit pissed off at how other people (CBS) made a decision and blames Charlie for the decision. CBS pulled the plug on the money machine, they should own up and take responsibility. Pure and simple.

    Blaming Charlie is wrong very wrong. He shows up for work on time and ready to work. CBS are idiots unplugging the money machine and blaming Charlie.

    I think Charlie has a point, his personal life’s choices are not in breach of his contract but CBS is in beach of theirs and should pay Charlie for his damages which are immediate and apparent to his image.

    CBS would have fared better to keep quiet and salvage the rest of the season and talk to Charlie discretely. Any organization that goes public about their employees should be sued to their underwear.

    They are not owning the decision just a bunch of cry-baby weasels. Bad on you CBS. I hope you loose everything you made on 2 1/2 men. Charlie made that show and made it entertaining, funny and
    #1 show on CBS. Are these guys idiots or what? What's in their heads? Make the shows, make the money and shut up CBS. Charlie's the star. Biting the hand that feeds you is a shameful and disgusting show of betrayal by CBS to a person whom made billions (2.5) to be exact. A little loyalty, discretion and respect goes along way.

    Bad move by CBS and I hope and pray Charlie wins his law suit and sues you into the stone age.

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Thank you for commenting. Your points about CBS are well taken. As I think I mentioned in my post, they certainly appear to be shaking in their boots and reluctant to further "shake any trees". I think they’re pretty despicable too.

    Charlie has every right to rake them over the coals and be paid for ALL episodes, taped or not. He may even be justified in publicly busting their balls.

    My problem is with Charlie's behavior and the fact that once again celebrity status means a free pass for acting out. If you or I were to commit a fraction of his infractions, our feet would be held to the fire.

    But the most horrific thing about Charlie is the way in which "he roles" as a Father figure to his five kids. It becomes everyone’s business if they're in harms way. Highly likely given his living situation. If the two porn "goddesses" who “don’t judge him” make up his current "family" dynamic, I'm scared for the kids.

    I'm guessing that the goddesses don’t judge him because if they did, they’d be out on their pretty little asses. Charlie treats women like chattle, and that's an insult to all women, myself included.

    The TV series is mute now that Charlie has revealed to the world his true self. The guy behind the headlines who honestly believes he is beyond judgment, above the law, has Adonis DNA, Tiger's blood running thru his veins, is a bitchen rock star from Mars, and whose publicist just quit him, but Charlie can’t think of any reason why. “Nothing broken here”.


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