Perhaps a better title for this post would have been "WHAT'S IN A NAME"? Well, I'm about to tell you what:
Yes... it was 1981 when I said "I Do" to my first husband, Guido Dito (pronounced Gweedo Deedo). Yes, that is really his name, but add to that his middle initial, "O" and you have a man whose initials are G.O.D.

Of course it didn't take long to realize that a more fitting acronym for this particular guy would have been DOG. In retrospect, I think Guido married me because he was in love with my Father, not me. At the time my Father was a semi-successful entrepreneur whose consulting firm was on the verge of taking off in a big way.

Guido, at the time was ripe and ready for a substantial career change. My Father and he were a perfect match. They thought a lot of each other and spent many, many hours together brainstorming the business.

I had other serious options for marriage back then, namely my second husband, Peter.... but I digress.

Guido Dito had a great personality, huge ambition, a certain charisma and a huge Italian-Ecuadorean family that had me romanticizing a bright and happy future together.

Not long after the day depicted in this photo, that personality, ambition, charisma and family proved to be the things I couldn't stand about him. Where was Dr. Laura Sleshinger back then? How could I have been so blind-sided and naive? And finally, how lucky could I be to realize in time that Guido was not "the one"? Am I crazy to make public this little piece of history? Will certain people happen upon this post some day and hate me for putting it here? Do I care? Do you care? Or better yet, do you have a story of your own along these lines?


  1. Sounds like my first marriage! Dad really liked him, til he got to know him after we married. Turned out he was a pot head, abusive, and ignorant. Have it much better now, If only I'd known!

  2. From what you've written about your family of origin, it makes perfect sense that a charmer with a huge, warm family would seem inviting ... at least, that's how it seemed to me when *I* married that guy. Oh, they all shoulda won Oscars for those acting jobs!!! Atrocious money manager, bad temper, legal problems, lotsa problems with little things like morals and ethics; oh, and those charmingly deranged relatives! Prince Charming is so seductive, 'til those frog's warts start popping out ....

  3. Sometimes it takes time to see things, and people, for what they really are. Love has a way of shielding us from the facts.

  4. Well, you were one hot looking couple regardless of the outcome! And guess he didn't live up to those initials! I don't have any stories like this since I've been married to the same man for 43 years but I've heard plenty of them. Love is blind sometimes, I guess.

  5. My first marriage was at 16 I eloped and thought I was grown up. It lasted almost five years. We grew up and apart. Did not remarry till 41 the next time and had known the guy for about 10 years as my best friend. We decided to move it to the next stage and no regrets.


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