Come on people, she's well over 60 years old. It's about time we face the truth about Barbie. I'd give almost anything to have that decolletage, and I think the fact that she doesn't cover her gray speaks volumes to her level of self confidence.

Okay, so less may be more when it comes to her make-up, but who am I to try to pull off a Barbie make-over? Under the circumstances, I think the old girl is holding up rather nicely. Anyone who has kept her weight down the way Barbie has, is a frikin SHERO in my book. I wonder if she still drinks Vodka Stingers and drives that plastic pink convertible.

Next week I'll be featuring Ken. I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy of his mug-shot from his Malibu arrest back in 99. A cross between Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte...... yikes!


  1. Can you imagine Barbie being marketed like that? Gasp.

    Now as for Ken, I'm guessing he'll be sporting a beer belly with a cold one in his hand.

  2. Yeah, I sure don't have Barbie's self-confidence, 'cause *I* don't even want to see how much grey hair I have let alone letting anyone else catch sight of it! Oh, to be so perky (and not just in disposition), too ...

  3. I never see Barbie Old face !!!!!

  4. She aged well:)) A hair cut might make her look even better (still gray though)


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